Assessment Office

Macoupin County
Supervisor of Assessments

John Bresnan
Macoupin County Supervisor of Assessments

201 East Main | P.O. Box 15
Carlinville, IL 62626

The office of Supervisor of Assessments was created by state law to provide information to the Department of Revenue. The Supervisor's office meets with township assessors to supply  technical advice and information regarding current legislation and establishes guidelines for the assessors. 

In addition, the Supervisor of Assessments reviews assessments made by township assessors, equalizes assessments within the county and is responsible for publishing assessment change notices.  

Each year the Supervisor of Assessments delivers the assessment books to the Board of Review and prepares a tentative abstract of the assessment books for the Department of Revenue.  

The Supervisor of Assessments office also keeps track of all property transactions in the county, maps of all properties, exemptions and a history of all land owners.

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