County Clerk


Pete Duncan Macoupin County Clerk's
Election Department

As the Election Authority for Macoupin County, I believe strongly that every voter should have all the information necessary to exercise their right to vote. That is why I am so proud to offer the following resources on our Election’s Office website. Here you can find out information on how to register to vote, where your polling place is located, or how you can vote early or on Election Day. We’ve included a variety of frequently asked questions to try and help ensure every voter’s voice is heard. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call my office at (217) 854-3214 or email And remember, every vote counts.

Registering to Vote
For more information on checking your voter registration, how to register to vote, who can register, and how to change your registration when you move or change your name.

Election Information
For more information on which races are on the ballot this election, copies of sample ballots, election notices, and other important information on the upcoming election.

Voting on Election Day
For more information on where to vote on Election Day, what you need to know before going to vote, and a Voter’s Bill of Rights.

Early Voting
For more information on how to vote early.

Absentee Voting
For more information on absentee voting, how to request an absentee ballot, in-person absentee voting, and how to ensure your absentee ballot is counted.

Grace Period Voting
For more information on grace period voting which allows you to register to vote or change your registration and vote the same day after the voter registration deadline.

Past Election Results
For official results from past elections from 1996 to the present.