Macoupin County, IL Emergency Management Agency

Macoupin County Emergency Management

James W. Pitchford IPEM
Macoupin County EMA
215 South East Street
Carlinville, Illinois 62626

217-854-3135 ext. #7

Macoupin County Emergency Management Agency is the coordinating agency for Macoupin County Government and serves as a Liaison to all of the cities in Macoupin County during times of large scale emergency events or major disaster events. We coordinate between local, county, state, and the federal government to maintain and control equipment and personell responding to emergencies and mitigating emergencies.

Volunteers under the direction of the coordinator work directly with the National Weather Service to maintain the county status as a Storm Ready County.  We received recognition in 2001. Many times these volunteers are called upon in the middle of the night to monitor and report ground truth to the weather service.

The agency serves as the information coordinator for the Local Emergency Planning Commitee and has since it began in 1988. More than 32 facilities are tracked annually with regard to the amount of hazardous and extremely hazardous materials that are stored, produced, or used in a product. Other duties include serving as the lead agency for Search and Rescue, which leads to involvement in cases where the young or old have walked away from their families or long term faciilities, maintaining the County Emergency Operations Plan or EOP, and a County Mitigation Plan and sponsoring a 40-member volunteer amateur radio club that meets monthly and hosts annual training events.

Emergency Manager Jim Pitchford became a Certified Emergency Manager in 1993 and became certified as an Illinois Professional Emergency Manager in 2001 when the program became available in Illinois.

Pitchford as served as the president of the State Association of Emergency Managers and as the regional vice president of the National Coordinating Council of Emergency Managers.