Macoupin County, IL Tourism

Mt. Olive, IL Landmarks

Soulsby Shell Station
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This Route 66 Hall of Fame member is the oldest gas station still standing on Route 66. It was built by Henry and Russell Soulsby in 1926. Its current owner is working with the Soulsby Station Society, a non-profit group, to renovate and maintain the station as a historic and educational attraction for Route 66 visitors. It is located at 201 S. Old Route 66 on the 1926-1991 section of Old Route 66 in Mt. Olive.

Mother Jones Monument and Union Miners Cemetery
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Fashioned from 80 tons of pink Minnesota granite and standing 22 feet, this monument honors Mary “Mother” Harris Jones, labor activist and “mother” to coal miners and laborers throughout the nation. The monument is located in Union Miners Cemetery, the only union-owned cemetery in the country. Located just off Old Route 66, the cemetery and Mother Jones Monument are located in the 700 block of North Lake Street. Coming from Interstate 55 (Exit 44), visitors should follow Route 138 east toward the town of Mt. Olive; take a left on Lake Street, and follow it to the end of Lake Street; Union Miners Cemetery is the last of four cemeteries.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
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Located on the main street of this Route 66 community, Immanuel Lutheran Church boasts of the only hand wound tower clock in Macoupin County. The clock dates back to 1881. The church is located at 111 East Main Street, Mt. Olive.