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Palmyra Opera House
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In November 1902, Clarence Grimett purchased a half interest in a tract of land and store building at the corner of Main and State streets in Palmyra, IL. He was later joined Joseph Waters and they began operating a general dry goods store. Around 1905 they built a brick baking oven in the basement, hired a baker and added fresh baked goods to their line of products.

However, the most interesting addition to the building was a second-floor theater, which not only gave the Opera House its name, but made it the cultural center of the area. Mr. Waters was a talented musician and played an important role in the promotion of events and the creation of the Palmyra Orchestra. The theater played host to a variety of events, including plays and traveling groups. The backstage walls still bear the names of the cast members and the dates of performances.

Having enjoyed a long history as the town’s center of activity, the establishment was reopened as a restaurant in November 1999 by Rick Creasy. In hopes of continuing a tradition began more than a century ago, Creasy now welcomes visitors to come enjoy the building’s rich history while having a delicious meal.