County Clerk

Pete Duncan Macoupin County Clerk Recorder's Office

The Macoupin County Recorder's Office is the home for all documents recorded in Macoupin County. The Recorder's Primary responsibility is the accurate and timely recording and indexing of deeds, mortgages, releases, liens, UCC's (uniform commercial codes), military discharges and other documents that have been submitted for recording.

Document recording is accepted in person or via US Mail or courier. Only original documents bearing actual signatures may be recorded. Faxed documents cannot be accepted.

While we are happy to answer your questions about how to record your documents, the office
cannot give legal advice about transferring property. You are urged to contact an attorney,
abstract or title company to transfer real property.

All land transfers must adhere to Macoupin County's Subdivision Ordinance and the Illinois Plat Act.

Original documents will be returned to the customer with document numbering information. All recording is time-dated and placed in the order it is received. Most documents are recorded the day they are received.

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