Sheriff Department

Shawn Kahl
Macoupin County Sheriff

Jail FAQ

What rules and regulation does the Macoupin County Jail have to follow?
The Macoupin County Jail is operated under the guidelines of the State of
Illinois Department of Corrections, located at 1301 Concordia Court,
Springfield, IL 62702

How does an inmate know the rules of the jail?
Upon entry into the jail, all inmates are given a copy of the jail rules and regulations.

Are there any materials that an inmate is not allowed to have?
Photos containing any nudity or gang related symbols will not be accepted.

Can I call the jail to have a message given to an inmate?
Messages from outside of the Jail will not be relayed to an inmate.

Does an inmate get to make phone calls?
Telephones are provided in the cell blocks for use 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.
All calls must be placed collect or inmates may purchase phone calling cards.
(See the "Jail Phone Calls information" page for more details.)

Are church services available for inmates?
Non-denominational church services are provided within this facility on
Monday evenings. Other clergy may visit in the public visiting room,
time permitting.

Can an inmate purchase personal items in the jail?
Items for personal use must be purchased through the jail commissary system.

How often is the commissary available?
One time per week.

How much money can an inmate have on his account while in jail?
Total amount of money on inmate's book at any given time is $300.00.

Can one inmate give money to another inmate while in jail?
Money will not be transferred from one inmate's account to another account.