Sheriff Department

Shawn Kahl
Macoupin County Sheriff

Jail Inmate Medical Information

• Inmates requesting Mental Health or Medical Treatment should obtain a sick call slip from a Correctional Officer. The sick call slip must be filled out and returned to a Correctional Officer. Slips will be submitted to the Medical Staff.

• Inmates requesting to see the nurse will be charged $5.00. Inmates requesting to see the doctor will be charged $15.00. These funds will be deducted from the inmate’s account. ( Fees subject to change without notice ).

• Inmates will not be denied medical attention in the event of insufficient funds on the inmate's account. However when funds become available any amounts due will be deducted.

• All medication prescribed by the medical staff must be taken at the time prescribed and in the presence of the Medical Staff or Correctional Officer.

• Any inmate found in the possession of any medication in his/her cell or on his/her person will be denied all non-life threatening medication.

• Only emergency dental care will be provided.