Sheriff Department

Shawn Kahl
Macoupin County Sheriff

Jail Property Information

• Any items an inmate needs while being incarcerated in the Macoupin County Jail is sold on the jail commissary. Basic Hygiene items will be provided as needed to all inmates.

• Inmates will be allowed to receive photos via the U.S. Mail only. Photos will no longer be accepted during visitation. The following restrictions apply to inmate photos.

• Photos containing any nudity or gang related symbols will not be accepted.

• Photos must not be in a frame or sealed in a cover or case of any type.

• Inmates may arrange for their personal property to by picked up by a friend or family member. All requests must be made in writing and the person picking up the items from an inmate's personal property locker, may be asked to provide photo identification at the time of pickup.

• Inmates may receive clothing for jury trial purposes from a friend or family member. Any clothing dropped off at the Macoupin County Jail for an inmate to wear at jury trials, must have prior approval from the Jail Administrator and received at least 48 hours prior to the trial date. Any clothing dropped off less than 48 hours prior to the trial date will not be accepted.